e PRO Certification Program

e-PRO is a revolutionary new training program presented entirely online to certify real estate agents and brokers as Internet Professionals. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®; is the first major trade group to offer certification for online professionalism.

e-PRO is not about technology – it’s about how you can leverage your most powerful asset, your people-skills, into doing more business on the Internet.

Why take the e-PRO Certification course?
The number of people using the Internet is staggering. Internet Life estimates that more than 400 million are using the Internet today. The e-Pro certification course will teach you how to successfully benefit from this major source of information and communication. More homebuyers are going to the Internet to research and gather information prior to contacting a real estate professional.

What is e-PRO Certification?
The e-PRO certification course is NAR’s new online training program to certify real estate professionals as Internet professionals. The program is comprehensive and incorporates online interactivity with other successful real estate professionals who are taking the course at the same time. The e-PRO course is the only certification program of its kind, recognized nationwide and endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®. You will be able to complete the course at your own pace, when and where you want, with any Internet connection. The e-PRO certification course is presented entirely online. The course is designed to help REALTORS® stay at the leading edge of technology and identify, evaluate, and implement new Internet business models. REALTORS® interested in signing up or learning more about the e-PRO course should visit http://www.eProNAR.com

Who is eligible to take the e- PRO Certification course?
Who is the course designed for? It is designed specifically for U.S. real estate professionals, but anyone may take the course. Although the practical application of the course skills and knowledge is equally valuable to all real estate professionals, the use of the e-PRO Certification logo is exclusively for REALTORS® (NAR members) who have completed the program.

e-PRO allows you to develop those skills necessary to be more effective in the use of the Internet in your business, at your own pace, at your convenience . . . online. This program also includes interaction with an instructional staff of experts through the use of List Servs. . . and total immersion in online community. Click below sign up today!