8 tips to help you conquer your inbox every single day

Anyone else dealing with time management issues surrounding your inbox?  I know I am!  Here’s an article that will help make your inbox work for you, not the other way around

How to stay on top of your inboxes

1. Go by subject

This field is important. You should be clear and concise so the reader knows exactly what your email is about and can respond quickly (or file it away accordingly).

If and when the reader responds, guess what subject line you’ll see in your inbox? Yours. Make sure your subject lines are easily identifiable — it will make it easy to prioritize answering emails.

2. Process once a day

Though you may check emails several times a day to stay in the loop, don’t process your emails more than once or twice daily. Set aside a specific time to do this, which will give you a chance to review and prioritize what’s most important.

Don’t let email run your life. It should help you do your work, not becomework.

3. High vs. low value emails

To be most effective, focus on emails that are most pertinent and time-sensitive that will lead to maximum output. Reply to those immediately as they are your priority. Maybe even create a “Reply by XX Day” email folder, which you check every couple of days.

4. Don’t reply to everything

It’s important to realize that you don’t have to reply to every mail. Use your time more effectively on high-value tasks.

5. Be careful with ‘Reply all’

We’re so quick to answer emails that sometimes we don’t always stop to review who we’re replying to. “Reply all” is a great tool, but can be dangerous — especially if you have something to say that might not apply to (or be appropriate for) everyone to whom the original email was sent.

6. Set up a filing system

Manage your email by using broad categories like “Action items,” “Waiting,” “Read,” “Reference,” “Save for later,” etc. You get it.

You can also get more detailed by creating a folder for every project, every property listing, etc. All this makes it easier to search for past and pertinent emails.

7. Limit your time in the inbox

See how long it takes you to read, reply and sort through your emails, then evaluate if it was time well spent. Log in, do what you need to do, and get out before it takes over your day.

8. Unsubscribe away

There’s so much interesting stuff out there, but we get carried away with the newsletters and such we subscribe to. Sometimes we get subscribed to things without knowing.

If you find yourself repeatedly deleting email from subscriptions, do yourself a favor and unsubscribe.