Why Use a REALTOR®?

As a home seller or buyer, you may be wondering about the NAR Settlement and what I can expect from my Realtor?  Stay informed here: https://www.realestatecommissionfacts.com/ 

You also have many choices to make. The first, and maybe the most important, is whether to work with a real estate professional. This one decision will greatly effect every step of the selling & buying process. Read on to find out how important it is to represented in ,what for most, is the largest transaction of your life.

Reasons to use a Buyer Agent

Reasons to use a Listing Agent

Consider the specific services you receive when you work with a professional, particularly one who is a REALTOR®, a member of the National Association of REALTORS®.

QUALIFYING BUYERS: A REALTOR® can qualify potential buyers to see whether they can afford your home and also identify whether you home meets their needs.

SAFETY AND SECURITY: When you place your property on the market, you open your home to strangers-individuals who may have thoughts of something other than buying a home. REALTORS® provide a certain measure of security, in that they have met and talked with the buyers and may have had experience in handling certain situations.

NEGOTIATING CONTRACTS: Once a prospective buyer makes an offer to purchase a property, the negotiating process begins. A REALTOR® understands both the technical and emotional aspects of the negotiation process, and can often bring the two parties to an agreement.

ARRANGE FINANCING: The world of mortgage financing is constantly changing and a REALTOR® plays a vital role in keeping buyers and sellers up-to-date on the most current information. A REALTOR® also can help determine what type of mortgage plan will best fit the buyer’s particular needs.

GUARANTEE OF FAIR AND ETHICAL TREATMENT: Wise sellers choose to hire not just a real estate professional, but one who is a REALTOR®, a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, your promise of professionalism and fair and ethical treatment. Hire a REALTOR® today!