The Importance of Getting Hybrid Appraisals Right

Article written by: Rebecca Jones A more streamlined appraisal process won’t materialize until lenders and appraisal management companies understand the critical need for credible, independent data collection. Key takeaways: What in the world is a hybrid appraisal? It’s a newish approach to appraisal in which a third party performs the property inspection and provides the information […]

Why pay dues?

A great explanation of what your Association does for you. written by fellow Association Executive, Jim Haisler December 05, 2022 REALTOR Associations: Some get it, and some don’t. Most REALTORS pay their fees mostly “because they have to” but don’t realize what they are getting for those dues and fees. What is the value of joining? […]

Many homebuyers will be priced out of the market in 2022

BY MATT CARTERJanuary 19, 2022 Fannie Mae forecasts rising mortgage rates and home prices will dent existing home sales by 3.2%. Rising mortgage rates and last-year’s record-breaking runup in home prices are expected to price many would-be homebuyers out of the market this year, denting sales of existing homes but bringing home price appreciation back down […]

Looking back: A brief history of real estate team crackdowns

By Jim Dalrymple, Inman staffer Last month, lawmakers in Connecticut passed a new law that will significantly regulate how teams can operate. The biggest news is that the law will limit what teams can call themselves, potentially forcing teams up and down the state to rebrand. However, the law also has various other components, such as the requirement […]

Hispanic homebuyers poised to become dominant force in U.S. housing market

Written by Jeff Ostrowsky, Senior Reporter for Bankrate. Hispanics, already a prominent force in the U.S. housing market, are about to take over as the nation’s dominant group of homebuyers. A study by the Urban Institute forecasts that Latinos will become a major demographic force in the coming years. The nonprofit’s recent report predicts that by 2040, […]

Quick, the Appraiser Is at the Door!

Written by Eric A. Trotz Key takeaways It’s appropriate to discuss your market knowledge with appraisers, but you cannot demand a particular value for your listing. Learn the guidelines that an appraiser is required to follow so you can recommend reasonable comps. Educate your clients on how to best prepare for the appraisal, which isn’t much […]

Why Do Agents Require Buyers to Sign Buyers Representation Agreement Before Showing Other Agent’s Listings?

We thought this blog article by Greg Hanner was worth reposting. I often get told by prospective Buyers that they don’t understand why they have to sign a Buyer’s Representation Agreement (aka Buyer’s Broker Agreement) before I can show them properties listed by others.  The reason is simple – it’s the law.  The link below […]