Relocation Services

NSB New London Housing Service Center

P.O. Box 23
Groton, CT 063491
Phone: 860-694-3282
Fax: 860-694-3851
Chuck Tweedy is a free web service designed to connect Service members and their Families with community housing rental listings located near Naval Submarine Base New London.

To get started, please go to  and select ”LOG IN”. You will be directed to the secure HTTPS:// website. uses 2-factor authentication which requires a customer login with their password and a code that is sent via three options: text message, email, or landline.

You must create an account at HTTPS:// Please be prepared to save your password as well as the personal key that is generated for you in case you ever need to recover your account.

The attached guide “Register in” will walk you through with detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up an account in and

If you are experiencing issues getting onto please visit  Scroll down to “Installation Steps”. It is a small box on the left side of the webpage.  Click on the link labeled “DoD Certificates” to download the correct Root Certificates.

I’ve also attached instructions on adding a listing, to your account. New Property Managers will be required to add a property before the account is approved.  Once you have selected the city of your listing please select “Navy NSB New London CT-Groton”.  Please note that when entering your rental price do not use the ($) dollar sign or (.) decimal point as these special characters will not let you save your listing.  Please only use whole dollar amounts.

Once you’ve registered and entered your property information, you will be contacted by one of our community representatives so they can do an inspection of the property.  Here is an inspection check list and inspection criteria. The inspection can only be performed when the rental property is vacant and available.  If the home meets Navy criteria, we will then approve your account and activate your listing to be viewed for potential renters.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (860) 694-3851 and ask to speak to a counselor.

Chuck Tweedy
Housing Manager
Housing Service Center
Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton CT
Office: 860-694-3851
Toll free:  877-843-5236
Fax:  860-694-3154
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