Safety Gadgets that send emergency alerts

NAR REALTOR® Safety Video

Donna Kirby-Reynolds talks about safety at the October 8, 2009 ECAR Membership Meeting. The presentation is divided into three videos because of YouTube limitations. Watch the videos by clicking on the links below:

Safety 1

Safety 2

Safety 3

Open Medicine Cabinets – Have your sellers guard against the theft of prescription drugs at open houses – a publication of the Northeast Communities Against Drug Abuse

52 Safety Tips from NAR: Be safe every week of the year!

Additional Safety Resources: This pdf contains the following handouts that would be great office meeting topics.

Section 1: Introduction
Know Your Local Safety Resources
Learn From Others’ Experiences

Section 2: Safety at the Office
Protect Yourself with Smart Marketing Materials
Safety at the Office

Section 3: Safety with Clients
Cell Phone Safety
Fight or Flight
Protect Yourself with a Distress Code System
Guidelines for Choosing a Self-Defense Course
Safety at Open Houses
Safety at Property Showings
Safety on the Road
Safety Tips for Clients
Showing and Managing Commercial Property
The 10-Second Rule

Section 4: Safety at Home
Protect Your Personal and Electronic Information (Identity Theft)
Safety at Home

Additional Resources
For Brokers: Protect Your Office and Your Agents
Safety is a Matter of Course
List of Safety Resources