Supra Key Information


The Eastern Connecticut REALTORS® Information Service (ECRIS) converted to a new Supra key system in July and August, 2005.


Supra DisplayKEYTM



The DisplayKEY looks and operates a lot like the SuperKEY however there are new features to the DisplayKEY that certainly make this key more valuable.

Stay informed.
The DisplayKEY is the networked alternative to the eKEY. The DisplayKEY allows agents to receive brief on-screen messages from their Association and broker and error messages will also appear.

Save time.
With the DisplayKEY agents no longer need to drive to the lockbox to find out who has shown their listing. With the information network accessible via the World Wide Web, agents are now able to log on to our website and find information on recent showings.

Automatic update.
A monthly call to KIM to receive update codes is no longer necessary with networked keys. Each night the key is placed in the HotSync cradle that’s provided. The next morning, the key is updated and ready to go.

Rechargeable batteries.
No need to worry about replacing batteries any longer. With a rechargeable battery in the DisplayKEY, the batteries are charged at night while the key sits in its cradle.

To contact Supra for more details, call 800-547-0252.

Supra eKEYTM


What is eKEYTM

Supra eKEY – the most complete tool for real estate services and systems ever devised for the real estate market. Supra eKEY empowers brokers, agents, Boards and MLS/Associations with accurate, timely access and management of leads, listing and property access.

All you need to gain access to the wealth of information and access management tools is access to the Supra Information Network and the Supra eKEY which is equipped with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

The eKEY is an information powerhouse! With an integrated network of vital real estate information, the eKEY delivers MLS information every day! The distribution of core MLS services is automated saving valuable time for the end-user.


MLS Information

• Showing activity: Automatically updated each night tells you who has shown the listing; date, time, name, office name and phone number. You get the information you need delivered to you without having to drive to the listing to collect business cards.

• Listing Information: Receive MLS downloads by the market area you’ve selected. Carry only the information you choose to carry on your key. Access current listing detail for specific buyer profiles

• Messaging: Associations and brokers now have a way to quickly and easily communicate with their agents through a tool the agent uses on a daily basis. Need to change the date or time of a meeting and get the word out quickly? Messages appear on-screen.

• Roster: Save time trying to track down agents who have moved to a new office. Updated contact information is available where and when you need it. Right on your key!

• eFeedback: Electronic feedback form that showing agents can send to listing agents telling them who’s interested and who’s not. Why play phone tag when there’s an impending offer!

KeyBox Tool

• Opens current Supra electronic KeyBoxes.

• InfraRed interface with other IR-enabled devices. Laptops, printers and coming this year, the new SupraIR KeyBox. Be ready for its arrival.

• Users can now program their own shackle codes and KeyBox access hours. Program access hours specifically tailored to your clients needs without driving to the Association as with previous systems.

• No more paper trails tracking your KeyBox investment! KeyBox inventory gives you a place to store your KeyBox serial number, where the box is hanging, the access hours, the shackle code and the Call-Before-Showing code.

Personal Productivity

• Date Book organizes appointments and uses alarm function reminding you of important meetings, tasks, anniversaries and more.


• Address Book stores thousands of names and numbers giving you what you need to stay in contact with those individuals you communicate with regularly.


• Memo Pad for….whatever you need. Memo pad is just that. Whenever you need to jot a note.


• To-Do List sorts task lists by priority or due date. Remember that birthday gift or get groceries for tonight’s dinner guests? To-Do list helps you remember to what? To do things.

• Calculate PITI on the spot with a financial calculator. Receive a trial of the full-blown version of Loan Pro calculator, down-graded to the lite version after 60 days. Brought to you at no additional cost by Infinity Softworks and Supra.



• Equipped with it’s own modem-cradle that automatically dials out each night to get updated and to send and receive activity. No more calling KIM once a month!


• Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, no battery costs or hassle of changing.

•  Enter data just once, in 6 convenient ways. A stylus (plastic stick) is included and used to navigate by tapping from one screen to another. Enter information into your PDA using the stylus to write Graffiti® or use one of the other 5 ways shown.

• The power button turns your PDA on and off. When held down for a few seconds, the power button will activate a backlight that allows users to see well during poor lighting.

How to get eKEYTM

If your Association is already using the Supra Information Network you are now able to order the eKEY shell for your PDA. The shell encloses and weatherizes your PDA and allows you to access Supra KeyBoxes and listing information. As a real estate professional, your Association must approve Supra to install the network on-site before you can initiate the Supra platform.

The Supra eKEY shell works with the three PDA’s in the Palm 500 series (m500, m505 and m515), the ZireTM 71 and the ZireTM 31. Purchasing the PDA is your first step towards accessing the power of the eKEY information platform. Supra currently offers the Zire 31 PDA for sale.

If you already own a Zire 71 and would like to purchase the shell, you may order the Zire 71 upgrade kit. Click here to order the Zire 71 upgrade kit. Fill it out and fax it back to us at 800-382-6119.

For compatible models other than those listed above, please call our Professional Services desk at 800-676-6703.

To contact Supra for more details call 800-547-0252.