Realtor University Courses

1. ABR Accredited Buyer Representative (Duration 12-15 hours)

This course is geared to real estate firm brokers, owners and managers that have or wish to incorporate buyer representation into their daily practice. Topics of this course include : buyer representation as a part of your company’s ideology/vision; implementing buyer representation into your company policies and training programs; expanding marketing efforts to introduce buyer representation to prospects; and how to handle these changes with the implementation of these efforts into your business plans.

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2. ABRM Accredited Buyer Representative Manager (Duration 6 hours)

Completion of the ABR designation course is an important FIRST step towards earning the coveted ABR designation. This course covers the proper techniques and practices of buyer representation that will enhance your bottom line, review agency relationships, negotiation strategies, explain the advantages of buyer representation from the buyers, sellers, listing and selling brokers perspectives and identify sources of buyer clients.

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3. Successful Buyer Representative in New Home Sales (Duration 6 hours)

To keep pace with a changing real estate market, buyer’s representatives need to find new buyers to serve and new services to bring them. One important, if difficult, growth are is new home sales buyers who are searching for a newly constructed or yet-to-be constructed home. This course will enable agents to: learn the unique needs of a new home buyer; learn strategies for servicing this niche in the real estate industry.

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4. Successful Relocation Representation (Duration 6 hours)

Relocation buyers have all the concerns of other buyers, plus the added stress associated with moving to an unfamiliar area. This course consists of four sections, each addressing what a buyer’s representative needs to know in order to succeed at representing transferees. How relocation works:

• Building relocation relationships
• Providing superior service
• Developing a marketing strategy

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