NAR Request Grant Form

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® Equal Opportunity Cultural Diversity Committee State and Local Association Diversity Initiative Grant Request Form


Round 10 Applications Due October 3, 2008

DATE:­­ September 25, 2008
AMOUNT REQUESTED:$5,000 ($5,000 maximum)
ASSOCIATION: Eastern Connecticut Association of REALTORS®

Contact Person’s name, address, phone number and email address:

Name: John Bolduc
Address: 238 West Town St.
City/St/Zip: Norwich, CT 06360
Phone: 860-892-2595

1. Purpose of the grant request – Describe the activity or program for which you are seeking NAR financial support, including why you believe there is a need for such an activity and a bit about the demographics of your area.

The grant will help to fund Newcomer’s Fairs in Norwich, CT and Dayville, CT as well as the production of a Newcomer’s Guide, that will be translated into Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Haitian. Promotion of the event will target the numerous cultural groups in the region.

The Newcomer’s Fairs will have a variety of vendors including representatives from a variety of cultural organizations, state, and local government offices. The goal will be to provide "one stop shopping" for newcomers to obtain all of the infomration that they need to get settled in the region. ECAR members who speak a variety of foreign languages will be present to distribute the Newcomer’s Guide and to promote home buying by offering homebuyer seminars.

The need for this program is great since the eastern Connecticut population is becoming increasing diverse. The Norwich, CT school system, for example, has students that speak 89 different languages. The increasing diversity is, in part, driven by the employment of many Asians, Hispanics, and Haitians by two Indian casinos (that employ over 20,000) and Pfizer World Headquarters that are located in the region.

The Newcomer’s Guide will be a brochure that will be published in English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Haitian. It will be available in hard copy as well as available on the International page on the ECAR web site at It will be a comprehensive guide for newcomer’s that will include information on how to obtain a driver’s license, citizenship, business permitting and much more and will include recognition of NAR Diversity Grant program as a sponsor. The information will be collected by members of the ECAR International Committee.

2. Project timeline and/or completion date, if applicable: Spring, 2009
Note: NAR will not fund activities occurring prior to November 10, 2008.

3. Has your association incorporated diversity into its strategic plan? Yes No

Comments: Yes. One of the ten objectives of the current ECAR strategic plan requires the International Committee to develop programs to better serve the changing cultural and demographic composition of the region. To view the ECAR Strategic Plan go to

4. RELATIONSHIP TO NAR DIVERSITY OBJECTIVES – Please indicate and describe how this activity supports and/or implements the strategies of the NAR Diversity Strategic Plan. (Please check all that apply and describe linkage)

1. Develop and promote a business case for diversity for REALTORSÒ and brokers.

2. Increase diversity in the NAR membership and in the real estate workplace.
Comments: ECAR will be an exhibitor at the Newcomer’s Fair and will actively encourage attendees to consider real estate as a profession The end result will be an increase in diversity of the ECAR membership which will result in greater diversity of the leadership.

3. Expand diversity in Association leadership..
Comments: See #2.

4. Build and enhance alliances with minority real estate organizations.

5. Promote diversity and fair housing "best practices", encourage diversity planning and provide diversity and fair housing training.

6. Increase the relevance of the Association and its members in minority communities through coalition building and other activities.
Comments: Local cultural organizations will be invited to participate in the event and the development of the Newcomer’s Guide. This event will further strengthen the relationships that already exist between ECAR and local cultural organizations as well as build new relationships.

7. Address the business and political issues faced by minority members.

8. Develop and advocate an effective policy agenda addressing real estate issues impacting diverse communities and NAR’s diverse membership.

5. Describe the extent of cooperation between the state and local association in this activity or program. Also note if there are multiple local associations cooperating in this activity or program. Please list these associations and your contact at each.
Robert Kennedy, Executive Vice President of the Connecticut Association of REALTORS® is aware of, and encourages approval of, this grant application. He can be contacted by phone at 800-335-4862 or by email at


6. Provide a line-item a budget (revenues & expenses) for this activity, including funds allocated from your association, other REALTOR® associations, and partner organizations.

Eastern CT Association of REALTORS® $2,420
NAR $5,000
Sponsorship Income $1,000
TOTAL $8,420


Newspaper Advertising in color
• The Day ¼ page, 2 times $1,200
• Norwich Bulletin ¼ page, 2 times $1,000
Translation of Newcomer’s Guide into 4 languages (1,500 words x 0.22 per word x 4) $1,320
Printing costs $2,300
Newcomer’s Fair in Norwich and Dayville, Room charges & refreshments $2,600
TOTAL $8,420

Note: NAR will not consider applications without budget information.

7. List the specific goals that are already established for this event, activity, program, or project.

1. Effectively reach out to the diverse populations in eastern Connecticut to provide them with the tools they need to settle in and acclimate to the region.

2. To build relationships with local cultural organizations in eastern Connecticut.
3. To provide information on the home buying process.

8. How will you assess the outcomes of this event/activity/program/project and measure its success?
Attendance at the Newcomer’s Fair, and followup with cultural organizations on the distribution and use of the Newcomer’s Guide.


9. Detail previous efforts and outreach activities in your area that relate to this program and its goals. What results have been achieved from that effort?
This is a new initiative by ECAR.Therefore, there are no previous efforts or outreach activities in this area.



10. Has this program or activity been discussed with any NAR staff?
Yes, please identify who:

11. Have you applied for assistance for this activity or program from any other NAR program such as Issues Mobilization, Smart Growth or Housing Opportunity?
Yes, what NAR program and date you applied and whether or not application was accepted: Housing Opportunity, October, 2007, $2,000 grant provided.