Annual Dues

Membership Renewal: 2023 Annual Dues

On October 12th 2022, our 2023 annual dues renewals were made available for you to view, print, and pay online by using the “My ECAR” section of our site. We are pleased to announce that the $25 discount has been extended for 2023.

Dues Payment Plan:

For those interested, our payment plan enrollment is open.

– To get started you’ll need to complete our Dues Payment Plan Commitment form and return it with your first payment prior to 10/28/2022. 

– Payment plan commitments received after 10/28/22 must include payment for previous month(s) and current month due.

Click here to access the Dues Payment Plan Commitment form.

Sentrilock Opt-Out:

Your 2023 Dues Renewal / Membership Fee includes an option to opt-out of Sentrilock.

– This option is ONLY for members who:

  1. Are NOT requesting one-day codes to show listings with the Sentrilock lockbox on it and
  2. Do NOT put Sentrilock lockboxes on their own listings

– Doing either of these things means you are using the service and are not eligible to opt-out.

Click here to learn more about the opt-out. 

Questions about membership, your dues invoice or payment plan? Please call us, at 860-892-2595 or email:

Annual dues are due on January 1, 2023. Dues must be paid no later than January 31, 2023 to avoid incurring a $50 late fee.

The payment plan is optional and only for REALTOR® members.  ECAR will not accept payment plans that have not been signed by the Designated REALTOR® or Office Manager.