Speaker’s Bureau

Updated 12/23/15

The ECAR Speaker’s Bureau was created by the Affiliate Committee (formerly the Affiliate Task Force) to provide REALTORS® with the opportunity to listen to a wide variety of topics pertinent to the real estate industry. A review of the topics listed below will demonstrate that this is the case.

The ECAR members who have submitted these speaking topics have designed their presentations so that they last approximately 20 minutes. If you want them to speak for a longer or shorter time you can make that request when you schedule them for one of your staff meetings.

Enliven your office meetings with outside speakers! Contact an ECAR member of the Speaker’s Bureau today.

Participation in the speakers bureau is subject to approval of the speakers and the topic by the Affiliate Committee.

If you have a speaker and/or topic to be added to the list, please forward the information to Kathryn O’Leary at the Association office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Bolduc at the Association office at 860-892-2595.

Speaker Topic Description
Jonathan A. Peck, Peck & Tuneski, P.C.
Phone: 860-447-3370
Email: jon@peck-tuneski.com
A Typical Closing & How did we get there An introduction to the closing process including a discussion of the roles of the various parties involved, and the process from contract to closing.
Legal Q & A A situation where an agency may want to have an a general conversation about various areas of the law.
Short Sales and Selling Bank Owned Properties Issues to be addressed in short sale situations or when selling a bank owned property.
Patricia H. Modzelewski, Peck & Tuneski, P.C.
Phone: 860-447-3370
Landlord/Tenant Issues A general discussion of the eviction process and how it may affect a listing and a sale of property.
Foreclosure Issues The legal aspects of foreclosures and what an agent needs to know about them.
Probate and the Closing Process A discussion of the particular issues that need to be addressed when listing and/or selling a home that may be part of an estate.
Mortgage Contingency Clauses Discussion about the function of the mortgage contingency clause including the rights and obligations of the parties.
Chris Albanese, Law Office of Chris Albanese
Phone: 860-464-1200
Email: cjalbanese@comcast.net
How REALTORS® can spot red flags to title problems General overview of title searching with emphasis on how agents can spot problems early on.
Limited Liability Companies: Investor transfer of individual ownership of property to the umbrella of an LLC Advantages of using an LLC for real estate investors
CHFA Basics of the CHFA program.
Wills & Trusts Fundamental estate planning.
Joe DeLaurentis, Tiger Group, Inc.
Phone: 203-245-3020
Environmental Issues Mold, radon, well water, lead, asbestos, UFT (each segment 20 minutes)
Technical Subjects Septic systems, well system, HVAC systems, structural systems (each segment 20 minutes)
Antique Home Inspection How they differ, antique chimneys, structural differences.
First Time Home Buyer Seminar for new home buyers
Inspection Process Client expectation, licensing, consumer protection, preventing litigation.
Residential Moisture Problems Identification and solutions to moisture problems.
Commercial Property Condition Assessment An overview of the ASTM standards for commercial P.C.A.s
Historical Home Inspections Discussion of the unique design and construction features of historical homes.
Yona Gregory, Law Office of Yona Gregory.
Phone: 860-443-9662
Email: yona@yonalaw.com
Landlord Law Nuts and Bolts of Landlord Law – Leases and Evictions
Contracts Changes in Association forms, relo contracts, Pfizer contracts, Hubbard clause, mortgage contingency & tests.
Problem Closings – When To Solve What Title defects, small and large, “Don’t take their meds”, and protecting your commission.
Advanced Buyer Representation Use of CMA, use of pre-qual letter, tests and renegotiation,, when and how to get a buyer rep agreement.
REALTOR® vs. REALTOR® Disputes Communication & faxes, going to the Broker, mediation, arbitration & ethics hearings.
Procuring Cause “Baking the cake”, continuous representation, buyer agency, aribitration.
Important Listing Agent Information Review of government red flags for listing agents.
Donna L. Yother, SAVA Insurance Group, Inc.
Phone: 860-437-7282, ext 17
Email: Dyother@savainsurance.com
Purchasing Homeowners Insurance What your clients are dealing with when purchasing home insurance. dogs, trampolines, circuit breakers, credit problems, roof updated underground oil tanks, close to the water, prior claims.
AFLAC Benefits for REALTORS® AFLAC is Supplemental Insurance that provides coverage plans for Accident, Sick and Cancer. See how this Plan can provide you with additional coverage above the amount your Health Insurance pays in the event of claim. It is a great benefit for the 1099 or W-2 employee
Peter Hoops, Law Offices of Peter W. Hoops
Phone: 860-445-8911
Email: phoops@hoopslaw.net
The Eviction Process The eviction process from start to finish.
Jack Chomicz, J.C. Home Inspections
Phone: (860) 395-6632
Email: jackchomicz@yahoo.com
Mold-Radon-Asbestos Testing of mold, radon and asbestos.
1982 Clean Water Act For Septic Tanks A discussion about the Clean Water Act regarding septic tanks. Clarification of the law.
Skart Paul,Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc
Phone: 860-367-4630
Email: spaul@primeres.com
Reverse Mortgages for Purchase Deals Learn how reverse mortgages can be used for purchase transactions to help seniors with down-sizing, etc.
Kyle Napierata, LaFramboise Water, Phone: 860-923-9543
Email: kyle@thewaterexperts.com
Well Inspection
Water Testing
Dan Kildea, Sellstate Leading Edge Realty
Phone: 860-564-7400
Email: dkildea@charter.net &

Jan Zacharksi, Diversified Real Estate
Phone: 860-774-3661
Email: diversified.rl.estat@snet.net

HUD Homeselling Presentation

*Presentation runs ~ 1hr 15min

Christian Driscoll, William Pitt Sotheby’s Intl
Phone: 860- 823-7698
Email: cdriscoll@williampittsir.com
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