Pre-Licensing Student Information (Saturday)

Welcome to our Saturday Principles & Practices Real Estate Program!

This page is designed to be a resource tool for you to utilize while you are taking the course.

The instructors for this course are: Amy Buchas Lavoie, Rhonda Ivey-Lentini and Beth Perzanowski. If you have any questions regarding the content being covered, or if you are unable to gain entry into Zoom, please reach out to them directly.

Contact Amy by phone: 860-518-7611 or email
Contact Rhonda by phone: 860-883-6451 or email
Contact Beth by phone: 860-538-8881 or email

Questions regarding your classroom hours or course policies must be directed to Cheryl at ECAR.

*Zoom Information*

(Each instructor has their own Zoom link. Please make sure you verify who is teaching before clicking on a class link.)

Amy’s Zoom Information

  • Class Link: Click here
  • Meeting ID: 824 6875 1820
  • Password: 674624

Rhonda’s Zoom Information

  • Class Link: Click here
  • Meeting ID: 853 6314 1813
  • Password: 607131

Beth’s Zoom Information

  • Class Link: Click here
  • Meeting ID: 881 6565 9213
  • Password: Saturday92

*Topic/Instructor Information*

6/15/24 – Instructor: Rhonda

Modern RE Text Chapter(s): 16, 17

  • Appraisal
  • Leases

CT Law Text Chapter(s): 13

6/22/24 – Instructor: Amy

Modern RE Text Chapter(s): 18, 19

  • Fair Housing
  • Property Management

CT Law Text Chapter(s): 15

6/29/24 – Instructor: Rhonda

Modern RE Text Chapter(s): 20, 21

  • Land Use Controls
  • Environmental Issues in Real Estate

CT Law Text Chapter(s): 14, 17

7/06/24 – NO CLASS

7/13/24 – Instructor:

Modern RE Text Chapter(s): Math Review

  • CT Specific Regulations
  • Real Estate Math

CT Law Text Chapter(s): 10

 *Saturday Class Resources*

Student Rights (from the CT Real Estate Commission)

Real Estate Course Scholarship & Realtor® Mentorship Programs

Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Edition Student Resources/Practice Questions (code: 19671)

Modern Real Estate Practice 21st Edition Student Resources/Practice Questions (code: MREPQBANK)

Dearborn Real Estate Exam Prep App (available on Google Play & Apple)

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