Why Do Agents Require Buyers to Sign Buyers Representation Agreement Before Showing Other Agent’s Listings?

We thought this blog article by Greg Hanner was worth reposting. I often get told by prospective Buyers that they don’t understand why they have to sign a Buyer’s Representation Agreement (aka Buyer’s Broker Agreement) before I can show them properties listed by others.  The reason is simple – it’s the law.  The link below […]

Substantial Snow or Blizzard On Your Door Step – What Should I Do? Here Are 6 Quick Tips

Some new homeowners or renters may not be aware of (beyond the media calls for gas, bread and milk) what they should do around the house before and during the storm.  While communicating this to my daughter, I figured it may be helpful for others: * Snow Removal – Don’t let the storm end before […]

Interested in getting a CT Real Estate License?

Taking the steps to getting a Connecticut real estate license can seem overwhelming. However, in actuality, its rather simple. Complete the required 60 hour “Principles & Practices of Real Estate” class. Once you’ve successfully completed the class, you’ll submit your course certificate, salesperson application & $80 application fee to PSI licensure: certification PSI will process your […]

Should I Take My Home Off The Market or Avoid Listing My Home For The Holidays and Re-List Next Spring?

As we enter the winter months, many current or potential home Sellers ponder whether they should take their home listings off the market for the holidays or avoid listing their home then in favor of bringing their homes back to market in the Spring time.  The correct answer really depends on the Seller’s individual situation.  […]

Should You Buy A New Home Now ? When Is The Right Time To Buy?

That’s a question that homeowners and prospective owners both have asked themselves and others many times before.  Buyers tend to have different shopping profiles and knowing what kind of a Buyer you are will help you identify what your weaknesses are and what you might want to do differently so that you can have less […]

What Home Heating Fuel Is More Efficient: Oil or Propane ?

As a broker and also a new home builder, I’ve been confronted with client’s questions of what heating fuel is better a number of times over the years.  The answer is not as easy as one might think.  There are a number of factors that impact fuel choice. If the home is an existing home, […]