Why pay dues?

A great explanation of what your Association does for you. written by fellow Association Executive, Jim Haisler December 05, 2022 REALTOR Associations: Some get it, and some don’t. Most REALTORS pay their fees mostly “because they have to” but don’t realize what they are getting for those dues and fees. What is the value of joining? […]

Looking back: A brief history of real estate team crackdowns

By Jim Dalrymple, Inman staffer Last month, lawmakers in Connecticut passed a new law that will significantly regulate how teams can operate. The biggest news is that the law will limit what teams can call themselves, potentially forcing teams up and down the state to rebrand. However, the law also has various other components, such as the requirement […]

The hidden opportunities of a challenging market

When the unexpected happens, luxury agents are primed to adapt BY NIKKI FIELD Economic downturns are difficult. But for agents in the luxury real estate space, a slow business cycle is an ideal time for investing in your skills. While many agents are naturally concerned about what the future of their careers will look like when the […]

Here’s a 7-step guide to resolving conflicts

Getting all the facts before taking a stand leads to quicker, cleaner resolutions, by Matthew Szalecki If you’re in the real estate business long enough, you’re eventually going to encounter conflict. It’s simply a matter of numbers: The more you sell or the more agents you manage, the higher the likelihood that you’re going to butt […]

January is Agent Appreciation Month

Winter blues Getting You Down?  By Rachael Hite The months after the holiday season often feel empty, as if winter hit its peak at the new year. Seeing no end to cold weather, cabin fever and seasonal illnesses can get anyone down. It’s important this time of year to take good care of yourself, so […]

3 ways to tame the self-doubt beast

Building confidence takes hard work and patience, but these helpful hints will get you there a little bit faster, by RACHAEL HITE. Building and maintaining confidence in yourself is not an easy task. It takes hard work, patience, trial and error, but most of all heart. You have to believe in the value of what you are offering […]

3 ways to get ahead in 2020 — starting right now

Grow and nurture your sphere now so you can reap the rewards next year by INMAN CONTENT STUDIO Seasonality only exists in real estate for buyers and sellers, not for you. For the true hustlers of the industry, there is no downtime. In fact, you’re working harder when everyone else is kicking back. Why? Because that’s […]

10 characteristics top producers share

BYJOSEPH SANTINI They simply take responsibility and make it happen every day in any market under any conditions One of the things that I like best about the real estate business is the plethora of big successful personalities. I’ve been curious about what this diverse pool of people have in common and what makes them great […]