10 characteristics top producers share

BYJOSEPH SANTINI They simply take responsibility and make it happen every day in any market under any conditions

1. Obsessed with the business

They would rather be working than anything else. Ask them to travel anywhere in the world, and they would rather not, and if they do, they will work through the trip. You get the idea.

2. Great communicators

They can clearly communicate with just about anyone including buyers, sellers, inspectors, appraisers and anyone else that they come into contact with. They express what they want to express in a clear and convincing way.

3. Totally focused on what makes them money

They have absolutely no patience for anything that takes them away from production. They never have enough time and won’t tolerate wasting it.

4. Know money is important, but it’s much more than that

High production is winning to them and they can’t tolerate losing in anyway whatsoever. In fact, it’s so uncomfortable that their only option is to produce and win.

They study floor plans, water depths, construction, etc. They simply can’t get enough knowledge about their product.

6. Persistent

They get deals done, period. When a deal dies, they always find a way to revive it. They don’t stop until it closes. They never walk away from a deal.

7. Love to be in control

They have a great ability to control and guide a transaction. They manage every little detail of the deal ensuring that it never goes off course.

8. Great marketers

They are great at advertising. They continuously put out a great image of themselves and the properties that they represent.

9. Laser focused

Always looking at the goal, the end result which is creating happy customers and getting the deal closed. They don’t get sidetracked with anything that would distract them from this.

10. Never make excuses, ever

This is probably the most powerful trait of a top producer. You will never hear one blame the market, the broker, the office, the company, their spouse, the weather or anything else for their production. They simply take responsibility and make it happen every day in any market under any conditions.

Top producers were brand new agents at one time. They kept at it when most people would have quit. They worked extremely hard to get to where they are and work even harder every day to stay there. They are a driven bunch with a very specific reason they do this business and that reason gives them the drive needed to be top producers.