7 New Year’s resolutions you’ll actually keep in 2019

Keep your list simple, and make daily habits

It’s that time of the year for holiday parties, gifts, reflection and thinking about how to be your  most productive self in the coming New Year. I personally air on the side of not making too many New Year’s resolutions, but rather a small list that’s actually attainable.

Here are the New Year’s resolutions that I’m making to strengthen my business and make it more productive. Just about every agent would benefit from mastering these things.

1. Start your day early

Early morning is quiet, and it allows you to think about your real estate daywhile most of the country is still sleeping. Whether you hit the gym, take a long walk or just drink coffee in your kitchen, this is daily strategy time with no distractions.

2. Up your social media game

Every day, post something relevant to your real estate brand, business expertise and the services you provide on social media. Use the one-third rule, sticking with real estate, lifestyle and family.

3. Network more

Join a club, volunteer and become more active in the community. This is the best way to meet more people who could need the real estate services you provide.

4. Attend more conferences

There is no better place to sharpen your skills than attending real estate conferences with experts from around the country. For instance, check out and register for ECAR’s RESource Conference Feb. 12-13, 2019!

Take time to detach from you business everyday. I know it sounds crazy, but it helps your productivity in the long run. Turn your phone off after 7 p.m. If you have a great listing, it will still be there in the morning.

6. Follow up

Every potential client you meet should always get a hand-written follow-up note from you on your personalized stationary. First impressions are always so important, but the follow-up is just as critical.

7. Call to say ‘Happy new year!’

In the first two weeks of the new year call, call, call. Everyone you know including family, friends, sphere of influence, prospects and clients should get a call. Just say “Happy new year!” and that you’re there for any real estate needs in 2019.

We all want to be more productive in our businesses, but be sure to keep your resolution list short and attainable. Hopefully, this list will help you form your own.