Master the Art of the Open-Concept Kitchen – from a local CT Kitchen Designer

Cook up the open layout of your dreams using these tips from a Canton designer

Who: Erica Caserta of Showcase Kitchens
Where: Canton, Connecticut
In her own words: “A lot of people have older homes, such as Capes and Colonials, with smaller rooms that they want to incorporate into one big space.”A maze of parlors, formal dining rooms and isolated kitchens may have been popular in the 19th century, but today’s lifestyles call for homes with connection. “People want to take down the walls, get rid of the formal dining room and create a more easygoing dining area,” says Erica Caserta, who co-owns Showcase Kitchens in Canton. “They want to see the TV while they’re eating and be able to talk to guests from the kitchen while entertaining.”