3 Power Scripts for Inexperienced Agents

When you’re new to real estate, prospective clients may question whether you have the skill to represent them. These scripts emphasize your drive and work ethic over transaction history and will help put clients’ minds at ease.

New agents don’t have a good answer when a prospect asks, “How many homes have you sold?” Because of their lack of experience, they can’t reassure the prospect with a long history of brokering successful deals. So what else can rookies rely on to win business? These three super impactful scripts take the focus off your experience and put it on your knowledge and determination to work hard for the client. If you deliver them with panache, good posture, a believable smile, solid eye contact, and confidence, you’ll attract and convert more clients.

Before we get to those scripts, let’s first agree on a foundational principle: Practice makes perfect. I find that the majority of real estate professionals — not just new ones — could benefit from putting in regular practice time. Look at practicing scripts as a revenue-producing activity. These scripts need to be ingrained in your brain, easily accessible, and authentic. Do yourself and your bank account a favor and put in 30 minutes five days in a row (or more) to simply practice your scripts and presentations. I guarantee that will be time well spent.

Script Number One: The Listing Closer

“Mr./Mrs. Seller, if you were to sign with me right now, here’s what would happen: Today, we would have a ‘coming soon’ sign in the yard. Today, we would build out your online marketing campaign and launch it on social media. Today, we would contact other agents in the area to alert them of the listing. And that’s just day one. Let’s get started.”

The key to this script is your delivery. By putting the emphasis on what you’ll do for your client todayand delivering it with an I-know-what-I’m-doing attitude, you will look and feel like you have been doing this for years. Not only does it convey a sense of urgency, it also shows that you have a plan — a method — and that you’re a professional.

Script Number Two: Social Media Master

“I may be new, but I’m a master on social media. I will target your property to the online audience most likely to buy in this neighborhood. Very few agents know how to do that or simply do not have it implemented in their marketing program. Did you know that house hunters who see your property online — and that’s the majority of them — will decide within four to six seconds whether they are interested in viewing your home? On top of that, we are going to put your property on Facebook Live and drop a location pin so everyone knows where to find your beautiful property. We do this by design to drive the right traffic to your property. This helps us reach the greatest possible and most realistic audience of buyers.”

If your sellers are tech-savvy, this script will speak to them. It conveys the message that there are a lot of real estate pros who are not keeping up with the most current tools and platforms to most effectively meet today’s consumer — but you are. Even being new to real estate, you can stand out as a smart, cutting-edge professional, and often, that is exactly what the seller wants.

Script Number Three: Niche Knowledge

“Do you know anyone who needs assistance with a commercial property, farm or ranch, or downtown loft, or wants recommendations in other cities? I have a solid and highly screened network of professionals I work with in all of these specialties throughout the state and country (and internationally, if applicable). I can help connect you or folks you know with the right professionals.”

If you use this script all the time, you will start generating consistent referral opportunities. But this script will also make you look knowledgeable of the industry on a big-picture scale by recognizing the various niches and needs of your consumers and their sphere. You will come across as the professional who is always looking for other opportunities to provide solutions for your client.

Here’s the key with all of these scripts: You have to be saying these things all the time. Create your own powerful versions of these scripts and add a few more to the mix, and then make them such an ingrained part of everything you do that your family and friends could recite them. Practice until you can’t get them wrong. With that kind of effort, you’ll start attracting and converting more clients.