Eastern Connecticut Association of REALTORS® launches #Ownsweetown: a cross-channel social media campaign.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, have your heart set on locating that dream home, or are considering a commercial property investment, now is the time to #ownsweetown.


With great values on the market and rates running near historic lows, the Eastern Connecticut Association of REALTORS® (ECAR) has launched #ownsweetown — a multi-channel social media campaign to celebrate and encourage property ownership throughout the region.

“For some time, ECAR has been active on social media, but with the support of our leadership, we have increased our presence and are excited to launch this campaign in a popular real estate season,” shares John Bolduc, Chief Executive Officer of ECAR. “We have adopted many new channels, provided training for our members, and are now united in using one common hashtag (#) phrase across all our images and postings.”

Using a bright red house and the campaign hashtag — #ownsweetown, REALTORS are able to take and share images of new buyers/properties at closings, in the heart of creative renovations, during a much anticipated move, or to note a new listing. These posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, will then be tracked and re-shared by the ECAR social media brands.

“For those not familiar with hashtags, when social media content is prefaced with the # symbol, it becomes a clickable link that then collects ALL content with the same hashtag,” explains Linda Davis, chair of the ECAR Member Services/Marketing Committee meeting and Broker with RE/MAX Home Team.

“For the first time, ECAR members will be united in using a common tool to brand our listings, message and activity within our community on all leading forms of social media. It’s a great step and one that we are excited is gaining immediate traction.”

Follow the ECAR social media brands on the following channels/addresses and witness the positive impact of property ownership on families, entrepreneurs, neighborhoods and our community:


The #ownsweetown social media campaign and all elements of the ECAR social media brand has been created and engaged by Miranda Creative, Inc. — a long standing brand management firm located in Norwichtown, Connecticut.