What is an ECAR Affiliate Member?

Affiliate Members are individuals or firms who, while not engaged in the real estate profession have interests requiring information concerning real estate, and are in sympathy with the objectives of the Association.


Currently, ECAR has Affiliate members in the following categories that can assist you in all phases of the real estate transaction.

* Attorneys
* Builders & Home Improvement
* Chambers of Commerce
* Environmental Services
* Heating & Cooling
* Housing Non-Profits
* Inspection Services
* Insurance
* Media
* Mortgage Lenders
* Municipalities
* Real Estate Education
* Relocation Services
* Security
* Senior Housing & Relocation
* Tax Assessors
* Technology
* Title Insurance
* Water Testing & Filtration

You can view the members in these categories at https://www.easternctrealtors.com/findaffiliatedservice.html

Or view and print a brochure at https://www.easternctrealtors.com/assets/files/Benefits/AffiliateServicesDirectory2014-15.pdf

Please use our Affiliate members for your real estate related services!