Connecticut Median Home Prices Rise in October

Connecticut REALTORS® reports that the single-family residential home median sales price is $247,000 which reflects a 3.3 percent increase from $239,000 in that same time period last year. Median indicates that half the homes sold for more and half for less. Single-family residential home sales in Connecticut decreased 4.6 percent comparing October 2016 to October […]

Trust Stamp, a safety tool for real estate agents, nabs NAR funding

Trust Stamp lets agents verify identities, get ‘trustworthiness’ scores of strangers Key Takeaways The startup combines driver’s license analysis and “proof-of-liveness photographic identification techniques” with social media data and public records, including criminal and sex offender records, to verify a person’s identity and create a “trustworthiness score.” As several real-life horror stories have shown, Realtors […]

NAR: Why election day was a good day for Realtors

Trade group won vast majority of races it supported, but Realtor issues remain at risk Key Takeaways The National Association of Realtors won more than 90 percent of the federal, state and local races it supported this election round. The trade group anticipates Trump’s election will lead to less regulation at the federal level. NAR […]

What does President Trump mean for the housing market?

8 ways our new commander-in-chief could affect homeownership for the next 4 years Political pundits around the country were stunned last night when Donald Trump secured enough to votes to beat Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States. While supporters from both sides are still reeling from emotions, we woke up […]

3 claims Realtors should think through carefully

Why ‘My services are free to a buyer’ and other common statements may not stand up to scrutiny Key Takeaways In agents’ conversations with prospects, ‘I’ve got buyers in your area,’ ‘My services are free to a buyer’ and ‘It’s proven agents sell homes for more’ are three claims that can stretch the truth. Most agents are […]

Connecticut Home Sales Rise in September

Connecticut REALTORS® reports that single-family residential home sales in Connecticut increased 2.6 percent comparing September 2016 to September 2015. The median sales price of $255,000 reflects a 2 percent increase from this period last year. Median indicates that half the homes sold for more and half for less. Total units of homes sold were 3,274 in […]

Agents See Fewer Closing Delays

It’s been a year since new closing rules took effect and real estate agents are seeing fewer closing delays. About 8 percent of transactions are delayed now, down from about 11 percent last year. Agents are also finding it easier to get a copy of the closing disclosure, although it remains a challenge. Learn more […]