The Inman Files: Don’t wait for Opendoor to eat your lunch (Food for Thought)

Love it or hate it, Brad Inman gives traditional brokers something to think about What’s a traditional broker to do? BYBRAD INMAN Staff Writer Face it, the Opendoor iBuyer model of a fast, furious and certain home sale is beginning to get market share. What does a traditional broker owner do? Complain to NAR? No. Start a “Stop Opendoor” […]

5 Rules of Engagement For Requesting Repairs From Sellers

When buyers and sellers start going head-to-head, no one comes out a winner Key Takeaways It’s reasonable to ask for roof and termite clearances and that the home’s primary systems work. It’s not reasonable to ask for upgrades, abatement or cosmetic changes. In many parts of the country, real estate sales and continually increasing priceshave been […]

Freddie and Fannie’s appraisal-free mortgages to slash closing times

Mortgage Guarantor’s use of AVMs will be Boon to Buyers, Gut-punch to Appraisers When real estate broker Hank Miller explains the mortgage process to buyers, he gives it to them straight. “It’s going to be the biggest pain in the ass that you’ve been through,” he says. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, government-owned entities that […]

6 Trends that will ‘Reshape’ the Homeownership Journey

Research from a financial services company digs into the factors shaping the future Key Takeaways Millennials are typically marrying and having kids later in life — after securing a college degree. Stagnant income growth and lingering concerns from the recession are also impacting homeownership. Even controlling for other factors, the gap between white and Asian, […]
Recently, an Office Manager shared with me a story about one of his agents that exemplifies the spirit of Eastern Connecticut and the Realtors who work here.  With permission, we’d like to share it with our friends and colleagues. Just recently I sent our agent Donna Navarro (Danielson office) a note congratulating her on a very difficult […]

Making an Offer: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

In competitive housing markets across the country, making an offer that sticks has become increasingly difficult. Ensure your client doesn’t make the process even tougher by succumbing to one of these common mistakes.     Click here to find out what to avoid!       Source: “In It to Win It: Land Your Dream Home […]

Is Trump’s tax plan good for homeowners? Nope, says NAR

The country’s largest trade association released a statement that said the tax plan would hurt homeownership Key Takeaways “By doubling the standard deduction and repealing the state and local tax deduction the plan would effectively nullify the current tax benefits of owning a home,” said NAR President Bill Brown. The proposed reform would reduce the […]

The real estate transaction in 181 steps: What Your REALTOR does for you

Article Date: March 24, 2017 By Marilyn Lusher Sponsored by: Eastern Connecticut Association of REALTORS Surveys show that many homeowners and homebuyers are not aware of the true value a REALTOR® provides during the course of a real estate transaction. The list here is just a baseline since the services may vary within each brokerage and each […]